L'histoire de ma famille

Welcome! This site is my way of presenting the research that I have compiled about my genealogy. Admittedly the setup is basic, and probably not the most streamlined way of presenting the info. You can either navigate through the menu bar, or start with one of the buttons below.

Honestly this site was an excuse to practice web development; therefore, many things may/will be wonky.

If you want to search or browse an index of people, then click here or the search tab in the navigation.


Discovered a hiccup in the image galleries. I'm in the process of fixing it (have completed the Cain, Ward, and Barranger side; still need to do the Fales side).

Mobile display has been fleshed out to be more navigable. Still working on the family tree images though.

Media has been integrated for profiles (the ones that have media). I had to heavily edit the files to bring their size down. However, if you want pure copies of something I have my file system available to share as long as you contact me. Something some of you might be interested in are documents such as probate/will records that require a large resolution in order to be able to be read, and due to this reason it is difficult to host them here. Also I have some State Census records, but have elected not to include them. I'll update the main family pages with a list of people with additional material that might be of interest.

A few things:
  • Contact Form is up and running, so far no bugs have been encountered (that I know of).
  • Added an index of people with profiles, the link is currently only located on the homepage, might add it to the navigation bar...
  • Have been testing an ungodly amount of methods to provide media (records, images, etc), and have formulated a plan. Hopefully profiles will be updated with relevant media by the end of the week.
  • Starting to work on mobile support, so that anyone that wants to access this info on their tablets or phones can do so without much fuss. The only snag is the family tree images being difficult to scale down and maintain functionality. Since that will be the most frustrating part, general mobile use should be up this week, but the pages with the trees most likely won't look the same (i.e., I'll just remove the images for mobile users, and probably put up a list of all the people).
Any updates (site wide) will be displayed here!