L'histoire de ma famille

Cain Family

This is the Cain Family page. Below you can find some general information on the origin of the main branches.


The root of our family name “Cain” is hidden with the background of Jesse Cain. According to “The Past and Present of Bureau County”, Jesse Cain came to Manlius, IL in 1851. All records state his birth place as being New York. Birth records around the time of Jesse Cain’s birth are extremely difficult to find (because they don’t exist). Therefore, there is no definitive answer to where the Cain family descends from. If you wish to go the route of speculation, however, those with the surname Cain (and all the spelling variations Caine, Cane, Kane, etc.) are most likely from Ireland, Scotland, or England.


The Kaub family can be traced to John Kaub (1814-1904). There is a discrepancy as to where he came from. The 1860 Census for the Kaub family in Maryland places his birthplace as being Germany. All other census records list his birthplace as Pennsylvania. Perhaps it was a mistake on the census takers part, but John’s origin is still mysterious.


The Scoville family is traced back to John Henry Scoville. According to census records, he was born in Connecticut. The surname Scoville leads to the belief that John Henry descended from English origins.


The Gettinger family is traced back to Jacob Gettinger (1786-1865) who, according to the 1860 census, was born in Maryland. Based on the surname Gettinger, there is most likely a strong German connection to the Gettinger family. Considering that the Blankenbeker’s were German, and that John Gettinger Jr and Mary Blankenbeker married, there is a high possibility that they were German.


The surname Blankenbeker is a variation of Blankenbaker. Thomas Blankenbeker (bef. 1836-?) is the earliest ancestor, and much is not known about him. According to the Find A Grave page for his son, Benjamin Blankenbeker, Thomas spoke German and was a slaveholder in Kentucky. Also taking into account the German origin of Blankenbeker (Blankenbacher), Thomas and his ancestors were most likely all German.


The earliest member of the Ward family is John Ward (abt. 1814-?). According to the 1860 Census he was born in Tennessee.


James Farrow (1824-1887) is the earliest known ancestor for the Farrow family. He was born in Kentucky, according to census records.


The Clegg family originated in Georgia under James Clegg (?-?), and moved to Arkansas with Jesse Clegg (1857-1931). According to Civil War records, the Clegg’s fought for the Confederates. When they immigrated to America is unknown, but there is a high possibility that they were English in origin.