L'histoire de ma famille

Fales Family

This is the Fales side. Below you can find some general information on the origin of the main branches.


The Fales family can be traced back to James Fales. The sources that I found are conflicting as to whether he is the real progenitor of the Fales in America, or if he the son of another James Fales. Supposedly, family history tells that James came from Chester, England, but one source I read says that he most likely came from the surrounding area of Cheshire County. Regardless of his origins, he settled himself in Dedham, MA. The majority of his descendants stayed in the surrounding area (towns include Walpole, Newton, and Milford).


The Wheelock family can be traced to Ralph Wheelock (abt. 1600-1682), thought to have come from Shropshire, England. He settled in Medfield, MA. His descendants stayed there and in the surrounding towns of Dedham and Walpole.


The Everett family can be traced to John Everett (?-abt. 1715). However, some sources name his father as being Richard Everett, an Englishman (exact location unknown), who came to America with William Pynchon. The Everett’s were located around Dedham and Walpole, MA.


The Fuller can be traced to John Fuller (abt. 1611-1698). Besides being English, nothing is known about his life prior to settling in Cambridge Village (Newton, MA). There is some difficulty in pinning down the correct story for him, as there were two additional men named John Fuller with similar birth years as our John Fuller, and they lived in neighboring villages. Regardless, John Fuller’s descendants are numerous, and they mostly stayed in Newton, MA.


The Greenwood family originates from Heptonstall, England. As this town was known for textile production, one might say it is unsurprising that the first Greenwood that traveled to America, Thomas Greenwood, was a weaver. Supposedly, through his father’s (also named Thomas) lineage the Greenwood family can be traced to Wyomarus Degreenwode (1138-1154).