L'histoire de ma famille

There are two family trees for the Barranger side of the family: the Barranger family and the Messerschmidt family.
You can open both trees to view them at once, and certain people (mainly direct ancestors...aka parents, grandparents, etc.) have links that will send you to their profile, or a profile in which they belong to.

Please note: The starting point for the trees are my great-grandparents, which would be the parents of Joann Fales/Barranger. The order then descends to the earliest generation that I can find.


  • Double lines represent marriage
  • Dashed lines leading to a person/group of people represents offspring

The Barranger Family

Barranger Family Tree George W Herb Annie Laura John

The Messerchmidt Family

Messerschmidt Tree Johannette William Ernestine