L'histoire de ma famille

John Fuller

Birth: abt. 1611
Marriage: abt. 1645
Death: Feb 7 1697/98

The biographical information is derived from A History of The Early Settlement of Newton by Francis Jackson (printed 1854). I’m assuming that for the most part, Francis Jackson knew what he was doing and didn’t completely make things up. That said; please take all information with a grain of salt. I’ll be referencing Francis as FJ.

According to FJ, John Fuller Sr. settled in Cambridge Village around 1644. In 1658 he bought 750 acres of land, and further expanded his land over time to over 1000 acres. His will divided the land among his sons with the caveat that no stranger should buy the land unless none of the Fuller family wants the land. Along with Edward Jackson, John was one of the largest landowners in Newton and had the largest amount of descendants. 22 descendants went to fight in the Revolution.