L'histoire de ma famille

Thomas Greenwood

Birth: abt. 1643
Marriage: 1st: June 8 1670; 2nd: abt. 1687
Death: Sept 1 1693

Information within this page is derived from "Greenwood Genealogies" by Frederick Greenwood; I will reference Frederick as FG.

Thomas Greenwood was a weaver who came to Newton when he was around 24, and about three years later married Hannah Ward. According to FG he was born in Heptonstall, England. A baptismal record for the day June 4, 1643 states that he was a son of Thomas Greenwood—who was baptized on Feb 26, 1610. The parish record also states that Thomas (1610) was a son of Abel Greenwood (born 1585). Abel was the son of Reverend John Greenwood, a martyr who was executed at Tyburn, England on April 6, 1593.

FG says that Heptonstall was known as early as 1311 for cloth manufacturing and the sale of said cloth. He also states that this is where Thomas Greenwood (the one who this page references) learned his trade as a weaver.