L'histoire de ma famille

Sebas Jackson

Birth: abt. 1650
Marriage: April 19 1671; Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
Death: Dec 6 1690; Newton, Middlesex, MA; Buried at West Parish Burying Ground

The biographical information is derived from A History of The Early Settlement of Newton by Francis Jackson (printed 1854). I’m assuming that for the most part, Francis Jackson knew what he was doing and didn’t completely make things up. That said; please take all information with a grain of salt. I’ll be referencing Francis as FJ.

FJ says that according to Jackson family “tradition”, Sebas was born as his parents were traveling to America. He cites that some records spell his name Seaborn, and perhaps the tale is true.

Upon his father’s death, Sebas received a house and 150 acres of land around it. FJ says that the “house was eighteen feet by twenty-two, with two stories…was built about 1670, and enlarged before 1690, which increased its length to thirty-nine feet. It was demolished in 1809”.

Sebas died Dec 6 1690, and FJ asserts that if he was born during the travel to America, he died at only 48 years old. None of his children were of age, and the youngest was nine months. Sebas’ will gave the estate to his wife, but if she were to marry again she could have the “west end of his house, a small orchard behind the house” and a yearly income. His eldest son received 60 acres, and the remaining 110 was divided by his three other sons. A stipulation was that his sons had “to have a convenient way through each other’s lands”. The division among his heirs did not occur until seventeen years after his death.