L'histoire de ma famille

John Ward

Birth: Dec 21 1626; England
Marriage: abt. 1650
Death: July 1 1708; Newton, Middlesex, MA; Buried at East Parish Burying Ground

The biographical information is derived from A History of The Early Settlement of Newton by Francis Jackson (printed 1854). I’m assuming that for the most part, Francis Jackson knew what he was doing and didn’t completely make things up. That said; please take all information with a grain of salt. I’ll be referencing Francis as FJ.

John Ward is said to have been born in England around 1626, and was the eldest son of William Ward (a settler of Sudbury). On his initial 45 acres of land he had built a house that lasted around 170 years until it was demolished in 1821. Before his death, he had expanded the acreage to 500 acres that he divided among his sons.