L'histoire de ma famille

John Woodward

Birth: abt. 1649
Marriage: 1674
Death: Nov 3 1732

The biographical information is derived from A History of The Early Settlement of Newton by Francis Jackson (printed 1854). I’m assuming that for the most part, Francis Jackson knew what he was doing and didn’t completely make things up. That said; please take all information with a grain of salt. I’ll be referencing Francis as FJ.

Information on Previous Generations

FJ says that the Woodward name in America began with the arrival of Richard Woodward (the father of George Woodward; therefore, John’s grandfather) from Ipswich, England on April 10, 1635. George is said to have been thirteen at the time of travel. Richard became a proprietor of Watertown, and took the Freeman’s oath in September of 1635. George took the oath in 1646. He had a marriage with a woman named Mary, and they had eight children. When his first wife died, George remarried to Elizabeth Hammond.

John Woodward

FJ cites John’s profession as “a weaver”. At the time that this book was written, the house John had built upon his land was still standing, and was “occupied by his descendants of the 5th and 6th generations”. In 1686 he was a Highway Surveyor and a constable in 1694. In the years of 1701 and 1712 he was a Selectman.